Movies: The Boy

Horror Movie! About an creepy ass doll! Wait…didn’t I just…again?
Nah, don’t worry. Chucky and Brahms may be both dolls, but they doesn’t got anything else in common.

The Movies’ about the two seniors Heelshire who are searching for an babysitter.
Greta (Lauren Cohan, ‘The Walking Dead’) decides to become the new babysitter for the Heelshire kid. But after she arrived there isn’t a kid, just a porcelain doll.
The Heelshires introducing the doll as their son, Brahms, and acting like he’s a real alive human beeing. Greta got strict laws for the work with Brahms. Initially, Greta follows a relatively normal routine, deciding to ignore the rules. She regularly calls her sister Sandy, who tells her that her abusive ex-husband Cole has been trying to find out where she is. Strange things begin to happen—a child’s sobs are heard in the hallways, phone calls are cut off, and the doll seems to move on its own, vanishing and reappearing elsewhere in the house…


Yeah yeah, disregarding the rules in this situation doesn’t seem to be a good idea to me, but The Boy won’t be an horror movie if Greta would follow the Heelshire-rules.
Everythings’ set up pretty creepy which may depends on beeing an american-chinese movie. Asian horror is different, the cold, dark horror is creeping softly in your mind, you won’t see the monster first, just like in The Boy.

The story itself is a little confusing and opaque, it took me 2 times watching the movie and reading a few articles about it to get everything. I would love an alternate ending to it. The actors are not unknown, but could done better in different roles.

Everything in one I would rate it 3/4 Stars.

Rating: ★★★☆☆


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