Games: South Park – The Fractured But Whole

One and a half year. That’s how long i’ve waited for this game as a pre-orderer.
Ubisoft in cooperation with South Park Studios took their time for the release, but it was worth it.

My collectors edition for PC features the game itself, a set of 3 postcards, a statue of The Coon, Towelie as ingame-buddy, full version of ‘Stick of Truth’, 2 artifacts and a costume pack.

I fell in love with it! The german version features a full-synchronized audio with the original speakers of the german show. That’s f***ing awesome, man!
It also features new soundtracks, a massive amount of eastereggs, a new fight system and a story related to the actual status of the show.

A little peek into the story; it’s about the superhero-personas of South Parks kids and displaying the franchise fights between C.a.F and the Freedom Pals.
As before, you’re the mute new kid.

The fight system is round based and includes per specification 3 different attacks and one super attack. It’s pretty easy to understand but requires a little touch of tactical thinking.
south_park_tfbw_fightThe story is, as always, great – but a little shorter then I expected.
I would appreciate an Story-DLC and a few bug fixes.
The Fractured But Whole works with current happenings what makes it very amusing.

I don’t want to spoiler, so check it out yourself and enjoy!

I rate it 4/5 stars.

Rating: ★★★★☆




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