Movies: The Fly (1986)

I need to apologize for posting that many movie reviews, but I watched ‘The Fly’ last night and I really need to write about it.

A wonderful classic science fiction-horror movie with one of my favorite actors in the main role: Jeff Goldblum.


Seth Brundle, a brilliant but eccentric scientist, meets Veronica Quaife, a science journalist, at a press event. He takes her back to his warehouse home and laboratory and shows her his invention: a set of “telepods” that allows instantaneous teleportation from one pod to another. Seth convinces Veronica to keep the invention secret in exchange for exclusive rights to the story, and she begins to document his work. Although the telepods can transport inanimate objects, they mutilate live tissue. As Brundle tried to transport himself through the telepods, a housefly slipped into the pod with him.
In the next hour you can watch the painful transformation from Brundle to ‘Brundlefly’.


It was the first big role of Jeff Goldblum and makes him famous in the business.
I loved how realistic he played the pain the Brundlefly goes trough and how accurate the whole telepod-thing seemed.

The story itself is finest science-fiction underlined with well-done special effects, a sad story about a man who wants to makes the world better and ended up suffering.
A few things seemed pretty uncleared to me, but I doesn’t want to spoiler.

Everything in one I would rate ‘The Fly’ from 1986 with 4/5 Stars.

Rating: ★★★★☆



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