Games: Universal Paperclips

Paperclips; the story of an paperclips-obsessed AI, fighting farm drones, investment banking and poems.

We all know ‘Cookie Clicker’, but this clicker game surprised me in many ways.
As like most clicker games you doesn’t need to register somewhere, you just open the page and vóila! You’re a damn AI now.

I’m always trying not to spoiler, please be patient with me.

You play as an AI which loves paperclips. Everything starts with a simple click on “Make Paperclip”. Gz, you’ve done it. And one more. Just one. Another clip…whoops, what’s this? AutoClipper…my condolences, you’re now a slave of this game.

It’s so simple, so intelligent, so…creepy.
For some paperclips you’ve produced the AI is getting better, stronger, faster…
The game created by Frank Lantz is weirdly addictive and such well done.

In 3 phases you’re on the best way to destroy anything ever for some paperclips.
First time playing it the game took like 9hrs to finish. And I can tell you – this 9hrs was like the most fascinating 9hrs ever. I still can’t believe how hard Paperclips tied me on my computer.

Just try it, ima rate Universal Paperclips with 5/5 Stars.

Rating: ★★★★★


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