Movies: The Misfortunates

Did you ever watched Flodder? Think back about endless booze-ups, a bunch of "social misfits" and a deep family bound. Now imagine a broken man, catched up by his past, thinking about all the happenings in former time. Welcome to The Misfortunates. Writer Gunther Strobbe made his ladyfriend pregnant and looks back at this youth. … Continue reading Movies: The Misfortunates

TV-Shows: Banshee – Small Town. Big Secrets.

"Do you know what's worse than getting your testicles crushed with a baseball bat? Getting them crushed again." - Kai Proctor Aah, Banshee. One of my favorite shows of all time. Violence comes in all forms and colours and Banshee displayed it perfectly. As a Fanshee (yep.) it's impossible for me to write a unprejudiced review, … Continue reading TV-Shows: Banshee – Small Town. Big Secrets.